Grizzly Bear Skulls & Arctic Ivory (Ursus Arctos)

Grizzly Bear Skulls (Ursus Arctos Skulls) SKULLS & ARCTIC IVORY

Grizzly Bear Skull # 1 [SOLD]

Length 36cm
Width 21.5cm
Height 16.5cm

Grizzly Bear Skull # 2

Length 36.5cm
Width 21.5cm
Height 16cm

Grizzly Bear Skull # 3 [SOLD]

Length 36.5 cm
Width 22cm
Height 15.5 cm

Grizzly Bear Skull # 4

Length 36.5cm
Width 22cm
Height 15cm

Grizzly Bear Skull # 5 [SOLD]

Length 37cm
Width 19cm
Height 16 cm

Grizzly Bear Skull # 6

Length 35.5cm
Width 21cm
Height 15cm

Grizzly Bear Skull # 7 [SOLD]

Length 34cm
Width 19cm
Height 14.5cm

Grizzly Bear Skull # 8 [SOLD]

Length 35cm
Width 18.5cm
Height 15.5cm

Several grizzly bear skulls now in stock! See images and notes above.


 Skull #   Price   Quantity   Item Code
 Skull 2   $1,100 CA    


 Skull 4   $1,100 CA    


 Skull 6   $1,100 CA    



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