Fur Blankets & Fur Comforters

Alberta Pale Coyotes Alberta Pale Coyotes
From $3,920
Arctic White Fox Arctic White Fox
From $3,920
Beaver Beaver
From $3,520
Canada Lynx Canada Lynx
From $5,520
Cross Fox Cross Fox
From $3,920
Mink - Black SAGA Mink - Black SAGA
From $6,320
Otter Otter
From $3,920
Red Fox Red Fox
From $3,920
Silver Fox Silver Fox
From $6,000

Fur Blankets, Fur Comforters, Fur Bedspreads, Fur Throws & Fur Carpets.

Furcanada from time to time has to adjust the prices to reflect the current worldwide fur demand. With the new desire for fur fashion, we have seen a marked increase in our cost of raw skins. China, Russia and Turkey are demanding more of our Canadian Wild Fur products. We have seen a considerable increase in prices for Coyotes, Red Foxes, Cross Foxes and Wolf. We are also aware of the rising value of the Canadian Dollar. Furcanada is doing all it can to hold the line on prices. To help offset the increase in prices, Furcanada now offers Free World Wide shipping on our Fur Blankets and Fur Carpets. Customers who have purchased fur blankets and fur carpets from us in the past, know of the exceptional quality of our fur skins are second to none. Our craftsmanship and fashion design is superior. At Furcanada we design and manufacture all goods here in British Columbia, Canada. We do not buy fur plates from offshore to have them assembled in Canada. We hand pick each fur skin that we use for preparation and send them to a Canadian Fur Tannery for processing. Upon returning from the tannery, we match, block, cut and sew each piece together to produce a blanket or carpet. We are proud of our value added Canadian Furs and stand behind our product with a 100% return policy guarantee.

We can custom make any size or shape fur blanket or fur comforter for your home or cabin décor. Imagine wrapping yourself in the comfort of a real fur blanket, or lying in luxury on top of your own fur blanket. Nothing compares to the soft, warm feeling of real natural fur.

All of the fur skins that we use come from Canada, with the exception of the Nutria, which comes from the USA.

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