Fur Carpets

Arctic White Fox - Fur Carpets Fur Carpets
Arctic White Fox

From $3,900
Arctic Wolf - Fur Carpets Fur Carpets
Arctic Wolf

Black Bear - Fur Carpets Fur Carpets
Black Bear

From $6,500
Black Beaver - Fur Carpets Fur Carpets
Black Beaver

From $3,900
Nunavut Ring Seal - Fur Carpets Fur Carpets
Nunavut Ring Seal

From $3,900

Fur Blankets, Bedspreads, Throws and Fur Carpets

We can custom make any size or shape for your home or cabin décor

All of our fur skins that we use come from Canada, with the exception of the Nutria, which comes from the USA.

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FurCanada from time to time has to adjust the prices to reflect the current worldwide fur demand. As of January 1, 2016 we have change currency value on our products to US Dollars from Canadian Dollars, with the exception of tanned fur skins, seal skin products and garments. All other items are now in US Dollars.  Price levels on many articles have come down, most notably our Polar Bear rugs.  FurCanada is doing all it can to hold the line on prices.

Video produced by www.TruthAboutFur.com. For more information about the NA Fur Trade, please visit www.TruthAboutFur.com.

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