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Mink/Seal Skin Blanket - Fur Blankets & Fur Comforters


Size: Twin 4' x 6' (120cm x 180cm)

$4,400 CA Dollars

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Mink/Seal - Fur Blankets and Comforter

FurCanada is proud to offer the finest in farm raised fur that our Canadian fur farmers produce. Our soft to touch luxurious mink blankets are designed, meticulously hand crafted, and sewn by our Master Furriers located at our British Columbia facilities. We hand pick each fur skin used for preparation and send to Canadian and American fur tanneries that meet international environmental standards for production and processing. Upon returning from the tannery, we grade, size, colour match, block, cut and sew each piece together to produce a world class mink fur blanket. We can custom manufacture any size or shape of blanket or throw for your home or cabin décor. Imagine wrapping yourself in the comfort of a real mink fur blanket, or laying in luxury on top of your own fur throw. Nothing compares to the soft, warm feeling of real natural fur. Our mink fur blankets are backed with an imported cotton and or cashmere/cotton blend material. We are proud of our value-added Canadian Furs and stand behind our product with a 100% return policy guarantee.   

FurCanada blankets proudly display the Origin Assured Label. The OA label provides assurance that the fur in your blanket comes from a country where national or local regulations of standards governing fur production are in force. Developed by the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF), the OA label confirms our commitment to openness and honesty with consumers about responsible industry practices.

Canadian farmed mink fall under the Health of Animals Act. This regulated Act sets disease control requirements for farm animals residing in Canada. Farmed mink is covered under the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) rules and protocols. Canadian fur farmers operate under provincial and territorial legislation and national Codes of Practice covering animal welfare. The Recommended Codes of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals include mink and were developed by the National Farm Animal Care Council. Fur farmers, as with all farmers, must meet the rules governing manure management and waste disposal, air and water quality, and other environmental farm practices.

FurCanada is a Registered Trademark. Fur products proudly displaying this label are assured that this item is manufactured in Canada by the companies' Master Furriers in accordance with Canadian Labour Standards, Canadian Environmental Processing and Tanning Standards, and Canadian law governing the use of fur in its products.

This logo is fully protected under International laws regarding copyright and intellectual property rights.  No production or re-production of designs or patterns will be allowed without the written consent of FurCanada. All items carrying a FurCanada label are fully traceable. That means FurCanada can prove source of fur origin (ie: fur farm) to the consumer including every movement the skin made during the production process with proof of export/import government documentation.  

Made in Canada

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Our booth at the first China International Import Expo in Shanghai November 2018

China is Canada's second largest trading partner in the world.  The Expo was a great success which elevated our registered Trade Mark Brand in China.

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