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Seal Skin - Fur Carpets


Size: Round (140cm diameter)

$3,900 US Dollars

Quantity:      Item #NRC01

Size: 150cm x 215cm (5 x 7 feet)

$5,900 US Dollars

Quantity:      Item #NRC02

Size: 245cm x 305cm (8 x 10 feet)

$7,900 US Dollars

Quantity:      Item #NRC03

Size: 305cm x 305cm (10 x 10 feet)

$8,900 US Dollars

Quantity:      Item #NRC04

Seal Skin Fur Carpets

Seal Skin Fur Carpets from FurCanada are crafted by our master furriers. The skins we use come from Nunavut Territory and are harvested by the Inuit people of Canada. The seal fur has a short nap and is very well wearing. You can be assured you will get many years of use.

The backing we use for our fur carpets are a heavy felt to ensure a non-slipping, especially on hardwood floors. All of the skins in our fur carpets are matched sewn in a blocked or skin to skin format. We at FurCanada have decided to add Fur Carpets to our line Fur Products as they will compliment any fur blanket or fur pillow in the home décor. We think you will find our avant-garde design very unique and of high fashion.

Seal skin products cannot be exported to the USA, European Union, Mexico, or Taiwan.

Fur Blankets, Bedspreads, Throws and Fur Carpets

We can custom make any size or shape for your home or cabin décor

All of our fur skins that we use come from Canada, with the exception of the Nutria, which comes from the USA.

Made in Canada

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China is Canada's second largest trading partner in the world.  The Expo was a great success which elevated our registered Trade Mark Brand in China.

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